To God be the glory as tiny Oliver born at 23weeks defied all odds - Gospelbaze
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To God be the glory as tiny Oliver born at 23weeks defied all odds

Oh! How it feels when a mother delivers her baby after 9months of pregnancy. The joy and jubilation are quite over whelming.

This same joy was experienced in the lives of Ethan and Frances as tiny Oliver-Cash Lowther-Ryan was born after just 23weeks in Kent, England during this coronavirus pandemic.

He weighed a little more than one pound and had just 3% chance of survival because of life threatening issues mirror reported.

At the initial stage, tiny Oliver seemed to be doing well. But 2weeks later, his condition deteriorated rapidly with so much problems as bowel, bleeding on the brain and lungs, and heart problems. This traumatized the parents who only had to pray to God for a miracle and healing.

But today, Oliver though still in the hospital has defied all odds with his condition improving so rapidly that he may be well enough to go home in July.

There is nothing the power of God cannot do for those who put their trust in him!

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