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The Scientific Humanity And The Catholic Faith

A Catholic faith that is not hinged on SOLID initial and ongoing Catechesis can hardly make meaning. This explains why the Church insists on Pre-Sacramental/lnitial Catechesis and Post-Sacramental/Ongoing Catechesis. Just take a look at Pope St. Paul VI’s actual words on this:

“It is indeed true that a certain way of administering the sacraments, without the solid support of Catechesis regarding these same sacraments and a global Catechesis, could end up by depriving them of their effectiveness to a great extent.

The role of evangelization is precisely to educate people in the faith in such a way as to lead each individual Christian to live the sacraments as true sacraments of faith – and not to receive them passively or reluctantly” (cf. Evangelii Nuntiandi, n. 47 also Canons 37, 777, Catechesi Tradendae, n. 23).

Catechesis nourishes our faith. Faith can be rational but it is not all about rationality. In fact, it is a leap into the dark but with confidence that you are safe. This explains why Abraham, who is our father in faith, was asked to sacrifice his only son and he obeyed. Faith is a supernatural gift by which we believe without doubting, whatever God has revealed.

So, why we journey with the scientific men and women, we must always bear in mind that our faith is not scientific as such and so be courageous enough to propose Faith to them. Jesus did that to Nicodemus in Jn 3:1-2. Even when Nicodemus seemed not to understand the Faith Jesus was proposing, he insisted on it.

The worst thing modern ministers would do to themselves and to humanity is to think that the Faith in Jesus Christ can be reduced entirely to scientific principles!

Happy new day!

-Rev. David Okolie

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