The powerful homily of Rev. Fr. Kenneth Onyechege on the need to be patient on the Lord! 12/07/2020 - Gospelbaze
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The powerful homily of Rev. Fr. Kenneth Onyechege on the need to be patient on the Lord! 12/07/2020

Homily Recipe of Rev. Fr. Kenneth Onyechege of the Sacred Heart Congregation at the sacred heart community ulakwu owerri.

The priest began by thanking God for the grace of a new day and for all who must have gathered for the celebration. He said that today is a special day of the Lord whereby we are meant to encounter the Lord.

In his homily today, Fr. Kenneth Onyechege dwelt on the topic ‘hope goes with patience.’ He said that if one is hoping that tomorrow something greater will happen then the person needs to be patient for it. One doesn’t hope for what one sees but for what one cannot see.

In the first reading, the prophet Isaiah made us to understand that God is his word for he cannot be separated from his word. The scriptures testify to this fact especially in Gen. 1:1, John 1:1 etc.

For Isaiah, God knows what our tomorrow will be whether it will be filled with worries, sorrows, pains, joy, happiness, good health etc. Hence, we do not need to trouble ourselves but to be patient with God who is Almighty and all knowing.

He reminds us that God is like a snow in our lives who comes down from the sky to water the earth. Thus, there is a purpose for his coming and for this purpose, it must be fulfilled.

So why are we perturbed and anxious? If we are convinced of who God is and that he is bigger than our problems then nothing will ever disturb us. Many of us today are helpless and hopeless because of the problems we may have encountered.

This is the case because we have not yet received and internalized the message of the gospel. For the words are been down for eternal harvest but yet, there are factors that hinder them from growing and bearing fruits. He urged us to identify them and do our best to eradicate them from our lives, so that the message and promises of God might be fulfilled in our lives.

He assured us of God’s faithfulness and unfailing love which is eternal for God can never change. Our problems are not more than God thus, God wants us to be steadfast and trust in him.

Today’s message is a message of hope and encouragement. He encouraged us not to be despondent for our king is coming and we shall all arise and shine for his promises must surely be fulfilled in our lives.

Finally, in life we are tossed by all sorts of troubles, sufferings, pains etc but amidst all those he encouraged us to relax and wait on God. For the seed in us planted by God is about to germinate just be patient and focused.

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