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The powerful homily of Rev. Fr. Anthony Enemuo on the solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe

Theme: Acclaim the Lord;the King!

This Solemnity was proclaimed in the year 1925 by Pope Pius XI in the Document “Quas Primas”: a work aimed at Enthroning Christ as the King of the Universe through polemic writing as against the current of coldness as well as direct and indirect denial of the reign of Christ on earth and the secular tendencies of replacing Christ with human elements and consciousness. Hence,this solemnity came as a universal church celebration.

Kingship is a familiar role amongst the Jews. After their freedom from Egypt, God allowed them to pass through the direction and leadership of Judges; while He remained their King.

A different turn was made in Jewish history when during the time of Samuel, they requested for a King. It was an indirect rejection of the Kingship of God for human kingship; God who had led them all through their difficult moments.

This demand saw Saul as the first King of the Israelites, after which the chosen lad David came up followed by Solomon and then other successive Kings who made up the history of Israel’s Kingly dynasty both in the North and in the South.

During the time of David,God had already promised that the sceptre of Kingship shall never depart from his Lineage. This promise was fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Now He is not just the King of the Jews; He is the King of the Universe. Two questions that will bother us here are:

1) What does a King Mean?

2) What does the Universe mean?

— In the first reading, from the Oracle of Ezekiel, God uses the first person pronoun “I” to define the character and function of a King in a promise formula. The only King whose memory has never been erased from the mind and history of mankind. He is not bound by territories. His qualities and differences from earthly kings include:

  1. Earthly kings rule with power and might, Christ rules with love and humility.

  2. Earthly kings sit on the throne; Christ laid on the cross.

  3. Earthly king is territorial;Christ is universal.

  4. Earthly kings have ministers and servants who serve them;Christ serves humanity and has Angels and Saints who assist Him.

  5. Earthly kings have wealth and riches;Christ has mercy and forgiveness.

  6. The strength of Earthly kings are in the army and warriors; Christ lives in the communion and bond of the Father and the Holy Spirit.

  7. Earthly kings defeat with war and violence;Christ defeated with his death and resurrection.

  8. Earthly kings have only physical dominion and sovereignty; Christ has both physical and spiritual dominion over the universe and over our hearts with love. Today we have removed Christ from the Kingship of our hearts and replaced Him with some other things; some of us have even assumed the role/state. Will you proclaim Christ as King to the world and in your life today?

— Over the Universe: the universe here entails all the heavenly and earthly bodies and existence(meteoroids, asteroids, comets, plannets, etc);the spiritual and physical realities there are; hell and the underworlds with all their powers as well as heavens(…He descended into hell, the third day he rose again from the dead; he ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father, from thence He shall come to judge the Living and the dead, and His kingdom will have no end).

This article of faith summarizes all we celebrate today. It also covers the message of the 2nd reading and the Gospel. The second reading presents the terms and eternity of Christ’s Kingship “He shall reign until His enemies are all defeated…”

The Gospel presents Christ as the spiritual judge and king of all human life at the end of time.

The proclamation of this solemnity is still relevant today when the whole world has relegated Christ to the background but the more they think they have discovered the solution and answer to all there is, the more obscured, troubled and in dire need of Christ they become.

We must pray today to develop the consciousness of the Kingship of Jesus in our hearts,in our family, working places, and in the society at large.

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