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Rev. David Okolie: On Contraceptive In Case You Do Not Know Or You Have Forgotten:

The Church’s whole teaching on CONTRACEPTIVE is enshrined in the encyclical letter: “Humanae Vitae”; you can download it and read it; it is just of few pages. However, the summary of it is that the fruit of the womb is divinely tied to the conjugal act (sex between husband and wife), and so, any effort to enjoy sex and artificially evade conception is gravely SINFUL and must be avoided.

Therefore, the use of contraceptives which encourage sex without conception is condemned as evil and SINFUL. If a couple must enjoy sex without conception, they must resort to NATURAL METHOD, which is having sex when the wife is not fertile. Consequently, every conjugal act must be open (ready to accept) conception. Following this teaching is also the Church’s condemnation of ABORTION as a grave moral evil and MORTAL SIN.

You can also read Genesis 38:8-10. It is in line with the Word of God and the dignity of the human person, whom should not be reduced to an OBJECT of unbridled carnal gratifications, that the Catholic Church condemns every use of contraceptive.

The problem is that many married couples have reduced marriage to only sexual gratification. On the contrary, marriage has two properties: companionship and procreation, according to the teaching of the Church enshrined in the encyclical “Humanae Vitae”.

The teaching is clear, if one still uses contraceptive, the person commits mortal sin and is expected to repent of it and go to confession before receiving Holy Communion. As long as the temptation persists and the couple still falls, they should always recourse to the sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession).

With sincere effort and assisted by the grace of God, they will one day overcome it. Indeed, many couples are really living out this teaching.

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Have a blessed day!

-Rev. David Okolie

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