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Pope Francis warns the German Church over their synod approach

The Catholic Church in Germany has begun a synod which is an assembly of the clergy and sometimes also the laity in a diocese which is usually aimed at reviewing some of the issues affecting the Church in a particular region and a more suitable way to go about it.

Last year, the German Church off the Synod which was geared towards reviewing some of the “taboo” issues in the Church such as priestly celibacy and a female priesthood and this is motivated in part by a desire to stop a hemorrhaging of members from the Catholic Church in Germany, with thousands of people reportedly leaving the church every year.

Meanwhile, the process has a synodal assembly composed of 230 members including Archbishops and Bishops, and equal number of lay people. According to some German prelates, everything is up for debate and the synodal path is binding.

However, Pope Francis has expressed a “dramatic concern” over the Catholic Church in Germany and it’s synodal path said a German bishop. Pope Francis comments were made at Wednesday’s general audience during a conversation with Bishop Heinz Josef Algermissen, the retired bishop of Fulda.

Pope Francis warned the German Church not to attempt to go their own way but to focus on evangelizing an increasingly secularized country instead of focusing on political issues such as women priests and celibacy.

What’s your take on this…are the German Church right or wrong in their synodal approach?

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