Pope Francis: "Deacons are not second-rate priests, they form part of the clergy" - Gospelbaze
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Pope Francis: “Deacons are not second-rate priests, they form part of the clergy”

The Holy Father gave us a smooth homily to harken to as we pray always for God’s blessings and mercies during this world’s pandemic.

Pope Francis

While delivering his homily earlier, the Holy Father shares in grace;

“It is not easy to live in the light. The light makes us see many ugly things within us: vices, pride, the worldly spirit. But Jesus tells us: “Take courage; let yourself be enlightened, because I save you”. Let us not be afraid of Jesus’s light! #HomilySantaMarta”

In the recent time, the Holy Father taught us the place of the deacons in the church. According to him, he enlightened us on the necessity to priotize and appreciate the work and position of the deacons.


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“Deacons are not second-rate priests. They form part of the clergy and live their vocation in family and with”

The deacons in the second category are priests. They were part of the clergy and lived their vocation in the family and with the family. They are dedicated to the service of the poor who will carry on themselves the face of Christ sufficiently.

The guardians of the church service. We fear that deacons, faithful to the service of the word and of the poor, will be a life-giving sign for the whole Church.

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