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Millions of people affected in the city of Mumbai as electricity goes off!

Mumbai is one of the greatest cities in India. But just this morning, they have expressed their dissatisfaction and disappointments on the officials over an unprecedented power cut in the city early this morning (04:30 GMT). A major power cut which has affected millions of people in the city.

According to reports, this unprecedented failure in power supply was because of issues with incoming supply to the main grid. However, this is quite surprising because, while there are common power cuts in common large parts of India, they are rare in major cities especially in Mumbai.

This has really affected so many things in the city like the city’s suburban train network coming to a halt and many homes staying without electricity.

Although while the grid failure has interrupted trains and homes, the airport and the stock exchange are still functioning but the biggest concern is the hospitals, especially those that are treating covid19 patients.

Consequently, officials have asked hospitals to ensure they have enough fuel to power back-up generators for at least eight hours in case of further disruptions as they try to rectify the situation. Most hospitals are equipped to run on generators.

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