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Meet the super star Chico who has down syndrome and who survived the covid19

Meet the Super Chico who is an Instagram star and a covid19 survivor. Chico full names are Francisco Guedes Bombini. He is a Brazilian who lives in the southern Brazilian State. He is 3yrs and has a down syndrome, but recently he survived the Corona virus.

Meanwhile, the recent covid19 is just one of the things Chico has passed through. Since his birth, he has undergone series of surgeries, series of heart problems he has hypothyroidism and chronic lung disease due to three months of being in the ventilator after his birth.

However, the mother, who so loved Chico explained the situation when he tested positive to the corona virus: “I felt like the Earth was pulled out from under my feet honestly but, as you know, we live one day at a time and we let things work themselves out!

But on July 22, 14days after his symptoms appeared, doctors informed hiss family that Chico had overcome the odds! Thus, Chico Was celebrated in the hospital for his recovery.

Chico is out of the hospital now and at home continuing to win hearts with his pictures and videos.

Our lives should reflect that of Chico who though difficult, fragile , imperfect by many people’s standards but can still be full of happiness and tenderness and can bring that joy, love, and a greater appreciation of life to thousands of people.

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