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Congratulations to you Frs. Kentigan Aririguzo and Anthony Enemuo on your first priestly anniversary

To God be the glory! For this is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Today is indeed remarkable as we celebrate the first priestly anniversary of these two great priests of God: Frs. Kentigan Aririguzo and Anthony Enemuo, who have dedicated themselves to the service of God.

Frs. Kentigan and Anthony are priests from the Sacred Heart Congregation who were ordained a year today and who have been faithful and dedicated to their work in the vineyard of God.

They are short of words and attribute everything to the grace and mercy of God who despite their unworthiness have been faithful to them, as they give the Lord the highest Thanksgiving and praise of the Holy Eucharist; symbolizing that to God alone belongs all glory and honour now and for ever. Amen.

Both Frs. are serving as a formator in the Sacred Heart Community Ulakwu and Sacred Heart Parish Owerri respectively. In the Holy Mass celebrated on their behalf calls to mind that it is not of him who runneth and willeth but of the Lord who showeth mercy.

The homilist reiterated this fact that, left for their capacity they may not have been chosen for this task but that God looks at the heart and not the externalities and he who has called you knows how to nourish and sustain you in his service.

He encouraged them to remain steadfast and dedicated in their service to God and humanity and that the good Lord who has called them will never desert them at all times.

These priests have in their one year pastoral work in the Lord’s vineyard contributed immensely to the growth of the Church and to their community. Fr. Enemuo through his musical talent and prowess has been able to uplift the souls of many who are downtrodden and despondent. May the good Lord continue to sustain and bless you even in your good works of charity. Amen.

While Fr. Kentigan is known for his kind heartedness, who always love to put smiles on people’s faces through his words of encouragement and his acts of charity.

To all of these, silver nor gold we do not have but we pray that the good Lord will continue to let his face shine upon you and may you continue to be a light to the down casted and the dejected and may the prayers of your hearts be answered through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Let’s wish them a happy first priestly anniversary!

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