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Racism in America – Bryan Popin’s Opinion

As Chart-Topping recording artist Bryan Popin single “I Got Out” spends three weeks in the Top 5 at Gospel radio and his independently releas...


Hebrews 5:7: Dr. Licona counters Deedat’s Opinion

Ahmed Deedat claimed that Hebrews 5:7 teaches that God heard Jesus’s prayer and spared him from death on the cross. In this video, Dr. Licona r...


THE DEBATE: Bart Ehrman vs Mike Licona – Jesus’ Resurrection

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead has continue to be a 'controversial' issue, both in the Church and the world at large. And here...


GROUND-BREAKING: I Can’t Go Into Secular Music: Ada

"Secular music is about money and fame while gospel is about the teaching or revelation of Christ". Unlike some other gospel artistes wh...

Drug User Experience

Jesus Is Still Saving: Former Drug User Shares His Experience

Dominic Muir is the Founder of Now Believe Ministries based out of the UK. The focus of his ministry is sending street evangelism teams all over ...