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Carson Spreads Divine Mercy Amidst Painful Sufferings

A true witness amidst suffering

13-year old Carson Kissel

13-year old Carson Kissel leads thousands in the Divine Mercy Chaplet daily despite living with a painful skin condition.

Despite this covid-19 pandemic, a young boy who lives with a very painful skin condition offers his suffering daily, leading the Divine Mercy Chaplet. He prays for an end to the vicious virus with an audience sometimes reaching 60,000 people.

He said: “I feel so happy doing it. I decided I would do it for everybody that was counting on me…” Carson Kissell who is 13years old suffers from a skin condition called epidermolysis bullosa.

However, he explains how painful he feels even with the slightest friction or rub on his skin, leaving painful blisters and small wounds.

Astronomical study in the church


“They call it butterfly skin because it’s as fragile as a butterfly’s wings.”

For this reason, Carson lives most of his life wrapped in bandages. Most young kids consider bath time to be fun. For Carson, it’s the most painful part of the day.

However, Despite living his life in perpetual pain, Carson is determined to lead his new found online friends, tuning in from all over the world, in prayer. He says his strong Catholic faith is his greatest aid.

Carson may be 13, entering into the life of a teenager, but he offers all of us a chance to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet daily. He encourages us to: “Keep praying. Keep your faith up and you’ll eventually make it to where everything is perfect.”

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