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Bishop Strickland raises alarm on Kamala’s anti-catholic assault

Bishop J. Strickland’s tweet yesterday on the need for Catholics to be ware of another political candidate calling us “the deplorables,” has again brought about several reactions from people.

On August 12, the bishop presented a statement that “Kamala’s anti-catholic assault previews her administration.” This he said, because, the vice president Joe Biden has just picked as his running mate Senator Kamala Harris (D- Calif):

“A woman who Catholicism is an extreme set of views that should disqualify someone from public office.”

His tweet has however brought about so many reactions below are some of them:

Yet some others are of the view that bishops should mind their business and put their  affairs in order before venturing into politics:

Where as others are quite thankful to the bishop for his outspokenness and for his courage and strength to stand up for the church in the public square:

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