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A Catholic priest who defiled both the altar and the house of God

A Louisiana priest has been arrested after having been alleged of filming himself having sex with two dominatrices on the altar of God in his parish.

This Catholic priest by name Rev. Fr. Travis Clark is said to be the Parish Priest of Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Pearl River; who was caught in such an unholy and ungodly act.

However, the incident according to reports was reported to the police by an unidentified woman who was passing by and saw the light of the church on at an odd hour and decided to know what was going on and on peeping, she was faced with this unholy scenario which made her call the police terming the act “sacrilegious”!

Meanwhile, the two women who were involved in this act are identified as Mindy Dixon a 41 year old woman and Melissa Cheng who is only 23 years old. Both of them wore a corset dress and high heeled boots.

Consequently, the trio were arrested on obscenity charges, in which Dixon described in her social media as “an act to defile the house of God.” Finally, the suspects were arrested about five miles away from the scene.

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